Warehouse facility

By warehousing we understand secure storage of commercial goods and all logistics services associated with it. Warehousing is an additional service of Polar Star Logistics. It can be included with the package of our freight forwarding services or ordered separately. Hence, our secure warehouse facility in Dubai is ready to accomplish any of your requirements.

Warehousing: Giving your cargo a shelter

If in process of shipment your goods need a warehouse, UAE has a perfect geographical location. Due to our optimal strategic spot, Polar Star can provide it’s own warehouse facility in Dubai(UAE). You can choose from temporary or long-term storage of shipped cargo along with the whole additional spectrum of warehousing logistics services.

We also render warehouse services targeted to control the safety of freights. Our Dubai storage space is equipped with most up-to-date security and fire prevention systems. As a result, this allows us to guarantee a 100% safety of your commercial cargo.

Five reasons to employ us as your cargo’s guardian:

  1. First of all, our modern warehouse complex provides most solid 24h security for your stored cargo. It is equipped with CCTV cameras and also fitted with most modern fire prevention system. Even more, we update our security systems fanatically. As a result, the security shield for your stored goods is rather impenetrable.
  2. It often happens that freighted goods require special conditions in space of their storage. It could either be specific temperature regime or a certain level of humidity. Polar Star Logistics’ storage facilities in Dubai are certainly fit to meet even the most demanding requirements. Consequently, we can ensure utter safety of your sensitive cargo.
  3. Furthermore, whether your goods need repacking, weighing, labeling or temporary warehouse storage in Dubai, Polar Star Logistics will organize all the required operations within our warehouse facility.
  4. We can likewise perform loading and unloading works by either mechanical means or manually. Our warehouse workers practice most caring approach to handling your cargo. That guarantees that even the most sensitive and fragile goods remain in perfect condition.
  5. Finally, we will do all the paperwork required for warehouse storage and release of consignments.

Our Dubai storage facility is often employed as a 3PL warehouse. We are proud to be first in our clients’ list of warehouse companies in Dubai because a warehouse rental is a rather regular practice with evolving3PL businesses.


What is 3PL logistics?

Very few people who are not into logistics are probably familiar with the term “3PL”. Actually this complex-sounding acronym goes for “Third-Party Logistics”. By which we understand businesses that serve to outsource with elements of a company’s services.

3PL targets particular links in the chain of supply management, which could be:

3PL providers specialize typically in transportation and warehousing services. Main function of a 3PL provider is to adjust these services to customer’s needs. These needs may change along with current market conditions. For example, demand for the client’s goods falls and hence the requirements for delivery service would alter similarly.

We provide the above types of services to third-party businesses. This makes Polar Star one of 3PL providers.

Our warehousing services: Good for your goods

Finally, as your third-party logistics provider we can offer a whole range of storage-related services at competitive prices. Our warehousing services feature:

Certainly for businesses dealing with global logistics – Dubai is clearly a good place to be. Contact Us today for expert warehousing solutions. Our modern-day warehousing capacities and dedicated logistics team are always ready to assist you with any type of requests.


Testimonials masage_icon

On behalf of the Contract Resources Oilfield Services LLC, I want to thank you and your staff at Polarstar Logistics LLC for the superb customer service that you have provided to us over the last 2 years. Polarstar logistics has been successfully supported and they are very professional to handle our Bulk & Project cargo. They gave a lot of time and attention to coordinating our shipments, taking into consideration move time and cost. Your quick responses and availability to my questions/updates after hours and on the weekends was fantastic. We really appreciate their continued efforts and great service!

Kuldip M. Rawat ( Logistics Coordinator, Contract Resources Oilfield Services LLC)

I just wanted to share how much our company values Polar Star logistics for their services. I have reached out to Polarstar for assistance on numerous occasions. They are very professional, courteous and willing to help. Have been dealing with Polarstar for the several domestic and international shipments we made. Thanks for the great service and the attitude to serve the customers. I never had to worry when I knew Polarstar had it in their hands because of their expertise and relationship in the logistics space. Their assistance and support is greatly appreciated!

Jenny Alex ( Logistics Coordinator, Ideal Design & Display Industry LLC)

Polarstar Logistics LLC (PSL)can provide complex solutions customized to your need. Their ability to give real information on the movement of the goods, extensive coverage area, timed performance and ability to manage large volumes makes them a distinguished logistics solution provider. And professional and courteous ffifi}d. "6xpirt knowledge about rhe customs related matters and patifoelb furn@ting for any complex shifments are the important poirSs thgt fr,$e experienced and led them to the highest position i, ou. .o-prny. ' I ,jpra"qru(! .!!di*: we strongly believe that PSL can partner up to create a synergy for your business and help you to achieve efficiency and precision.

Fire Security ME FZE. Sunil Mohamed Ali Logistics/Warehouse Manager

Dear Polarstar Logistics LLC, I realize you all know how good you are. But for the record, here at LTB General Trading LLC, we have many other options. Yet time and again, you simply do it better, faster and for the right price. It is called just get it done. And I really appreciate it.I would just like to take a minute to express my great appreciation for PSL Team. This team works very hard to make sure our field locations, which I am a part of, can operate quickly and efficiently. We have mostly door-door sea import all the way from China and land export to all over the GCC, which are being handled efficiently by Polarstar Logistics LLC since last 2 years. Polarstar Logistics LLC is an "out of the box" full service provider with a dedicated leadership team and operational staff. Putting the customer first along with the can-do attitude and fearless management of all types of transactions has brought the company success. This is evidenced by PSL continued growth and extensive footprint. Many people take the time to complain, but few take the time to Compliment. I have been dealing with Polarstar for the past 2 years and have been experiencing really great services. I would highly recommend Polarstar Logistics LLC as a provider for all types of logistics related needs.

Shahadat Hussein Manager LTB General Trading LLC
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