Kazakhstan: The Goliath state

Kazakhstan is indeed a vast country. 9th biggest country in the world with the territory of 2.7 mln sq km, which is actually bigger than the land of the whole Western Europe.

The prime location in Central Asia and borders with neighboring countries such as: Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, certainly is an advantage for the regional logistics industry.

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan currently aim to establish own duty free zone area, which should increase the trade value up to 5billion USD. As a result, foreign trade turnover for the first quarter 2018 will be increased up to 50% in comparison with previous year.

Cooperation with China also provide great economical and trade value for both countries. Recently completed (2009) Jinghe–Yining–Khorgos 293 km railway connects Kazakhstan and China in Khorgas, which doesn’t have any analogue.

ICBC Khorgos  (International center of cross border coop) was aimed to support and promote national Kazakh-Chinese economy within the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and  “Nurly Zhol” (Bright way) programs

The Kazakhstan territory abounds natural resources for Oil, Gas and Minerals. Due to this, it is the wealthiest country in Central Asian region. Eurasian Customs Union (EACU), simplifies the customs procedure. Open customs border does not apply charges for the internal goods import and export, therefore proving free trade area. Union members been obliged on united external fees on all goods entering the union. As an advantage Eurasian Union is represented as one entity in all international transactions, such as World Trade Organization.

Destination – Kazakhstan

Given the country’s grand scope both in size and in economic growth, finding a reliable shipping services provider is clearly vital for a company with plans of doing business in Kazakhstan and its neighboring countries. This is where Polar Star Logistics can be of great use.
Based on type of your cargo and departure point, we certainly shall arrange its shipment to Kazakhstan, as well as neighboring countries (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, China) with:

Our specialization also covers:

This certainly is not the complete list of cargo goods we can handle. Generally, there are no major obstacles as concern shipping to Kazakhstan of any type of cargo from any part of the globe.
Here are just a few examples of  our “Kazakhstan portfolio” orders :

We provide cargo shipment to the following urban centers and regions:

Hand in Hand.

Businesses who had ever operated in Kazakhstan are likely to be familiar with the local business law, regulation and procedure.
To take your cargo through the Scyllae and Charybdae of local officialdom, a logistics provider has to be somewhat of an insider and speak the local language. In this regard, Polar Star Logistics will happily provide any required support and assistance to your cargo freight. As a result, our solid experience in dealing with most challenging issues of shipping to Kazakhstan clearly makes us your choice #1 as a freight forwarder.

If you are looking for a help with your next Cargo shipment to Kazakhstan, then do Contact us for further details.

Let us guide you on your route to Kazakhstan.


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On behalf of the Contract Resources Oilfield Services LLC, I want to thank you and your staff at Polarstar Logistics LLC for the superb customer service that you have provided to us over the last 2 years. Polarstar logistics has been successfully supported and they are very professional to handle our Bulk & Project cargo. They gave a lot of time and attention to coordinating our shipments, taking into consideration move time and cost. Your quick responses and availability to my questions/updates after hours and on the weekends was fantastic. We really appreciate their continued efforts and great service!

Kuldip M. Rawat ( Logistics Coordinator, Contract Resources Oilfield Services LLC)

I just wanted to share how much our company values Polar Star logistics for their services. I have reached out to Polarstar for assistance on numerous occasions. They are very professional, courteous and willing to help. Have been dealing with Polarstar for the several domestic and international shipments we made. Thanks for the great service and the attitude to serve the customers. I never had to worry when I knew Polarstar had it in their hands because of their expertise and relationship in the logistics space. Their assistance and support is greatly appreciated!

Jenny Alex ( Logistics Coordinator, Ideal Design & Display Industry LLC)

Polarstar Logistics LLC (PSL)can provide complex solutions customized to your need. Their ability to give real information on the movement of the goods, extensive coverage area, timed performance and ability to manage large volumes makes them a distinguished logistics solution provider. And professional and courteous ffifi}d. "6xpirt knowledge about rhe customs related matters and patifoelb furn@ting for any complex shifments are the important poirSs thgt fr,$e experienced and led them to the highest position i, ou. .o-prny. ' I ,jpra"qru(! .!!di*: we strongly believe that PSL can partner up to create a synergy for your business and help you to achieve efficiency and precision.

Fire Security ME FZE. Sunil Mohamed Ali Logistics/Warehouse Manager

Dear Polarstar Logistics LLC, I realize you all know how good you are. But for the record, here at LTB General Trading LLC, we have many other options. Yet time and again, you simply do it better, faster and for the right price. It is called just get it done. And I really appreciate it.I would just like to take a minute to express my great appreciation for PSL Team. This team works very hard to make sure our field locations, which I am a part of, can operate quickly and efficiently. We have mostly door-door sea import all the way from China and land export to all over the GCC, which are being handled efficiently by Polarstar Logistics LLC since last 2 years. Polarstar Logistics LLC is an "out of the box" full service provider with a dedicated leadership team and operational staff. Putting the customer first along with the can-do attitude and fearless management of all types of transactions has brought the company success. This is evidenced by PSL continued growth and extensive footprint. Many people take the time to complain, but few take the time to Compliment. I have been dealing with Polarstar for the past 2 years and have been experiencing really great services. I would highly recommend Polarstar Logistics LLC as a provider for all types of logistics related needs.

Shahadat Hussein Manager LTB General Trading LLC
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